AI Applications in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential of detecting significant interactions in a dataset and also it is widely used in several clinical conditions to expect the results, treat, and diagnose. Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used or trialed for a variety of healthcare and research purposes, including detection of disease, management of chronic conditions, delivery of health services, and drug discovery.

Virtual nursing assistants, one of the top three AI health applications corresponds to maximum near-term value of USD 20 billion by 2027. - Reportlinker

Instead of searching for causes of the symptoms that you are suffering from, you can ask the virtual nursing assistant to guide you through. The healthcare assistant will not only provide medical advice when you have common ailments or complaints but also allow you to schedule an appointment with a doctor or a specialist. Moreover, the virtual assistant would be available 24/7, which means it can answer your questions and provide answers in real-time. This application of AI can be adopted to increase patient engagement and improve their self-management skills to prevent chronic situations from getting worse.

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