PALMS Warehouse Management System provides configurable Supply Chain processes required by companies to provide better customer service and control operational costs. Highly advanced logic-based stock put away, collection and intelligent direct stock movement feature in PALMS help dramatically control labor costs and space utilization. The solution based on its Service Oriented Architecture offers full integration to sales, purchasing, logistics, and other 3rd party systems.

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  1. Inventory tracking across locations and entities
  2. Manage complex Kit parts
  3. Suited for Just-in-time manufacturing
  4. Support QR codes, Barcodes, and RFID based tracking
  5. Web-based Supplier Portals
  6. Spare Parts Inventory Tracking
  7. Cross-dock Inventory Management
  8. Kanban/Serial Number-based Inventory tagging
  9. Real-time data capture and tracking
  • Master Data Setup (Warehouse, SKUs, Customers, Suppliers, Locations, etc.,)
  • Receiving (ASN, Gate Inwards, Put-away with Location Suggestion, Exceptions, etc.,)
  • Dispatch (Sales Order, Allocation by FIFO/FEFO/FMFO, Picking, Picking Exceptions, etc.,)
  • Inventory (Stock, Stock Ledger, Internal & External Stock Transfers, etc.,)
  • Stock Taking & Cycle Counts (Inventory reconciliation functions)
  • HHT Operations (Handheld Terminal Operations using Android-based HHTs)

Zero-setup recommendations like:

  • Put-away Bin Location Suggestion – based on past storage history
  • SKU's Bin capacity computation – based on past storage statistics
  • Fast-mover SKU's getting auto-awarded more accessible and closer-to-exit bin locations to maximize warehouse throughput
    • Note – all zero-setup recommendations also have associated setups to further fine-tune system recommendations. However, the system also works without any setups by its self-learning capability
  • Best fit UOM allocation for a Sales Order in case of multi UOM scenarios
  • Remembering user preferences for all UI elements
  • Custom Notifications

Implementing a Warehouse Management System is one of the most critical decisions for any enterprise having supply-chain intensive operations. Once implemented, the WMS becomes a backbone for all future warehouse operations across the enterprise. One of the key decision-making factors is the readiness of the WMS for future requirements. While the current requirement set may be limited, it cannot be ruled out that requirements will evolve and more complexity will be added to the business operations.

In choosing PALMS WMS, as a valued customer you shall be well insured from all such future shocks. PALMS WMS goes well beyond the current requirement set and has a rich set of Add-On Modules that can be opted for at any later date. The modular architecture of PALMS WMS enables us to deliver functions as a set of "pick and choose" options.


Higher Space Utilization

By automating location management and defining putaway and pick strategies you can improve 20% of warehouse space.

20% Improve Resource Utilization

HHT with a workflow-based environment will help to improve the better utilization of your manpower and machines.

15% Less Inventory

By fulfilling an on-time and accurate order cycle with better utilization of space you can now stock less and reduce Inventory holding cost.

30% Better Order Fulfillment

Better Order planning with location management and accurate picking using real-time HHT, RFID, and voice will improve your order fulfillment cycles and improves credibility.

20% Reduce Sales Returns

By implementing and automating the smart pick process with Barcode, HHT, RFID, and Voice you can now deliver on-time and accurate items, which will help to reduce your returns.

20% Higher Customer Retentions

Integrate with Customers and their supplier’s systems & processes to provide a real-time ordering process with inventory visibility will help retain your customers.

Future Ready

Stay in tune with the latest technology and solutions with PALMS Warehouse Management System.

Partners Collaborations

Automate and integrate your customer and supplier business processes with PALMS Partner Portal.