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Types of Fintech App Development Services We Provide

  • Lending Apps

    Want to foray into the digital lending ecosystem? Then our fintech lending platforms will help you perform secure P2P transactions with AI Capabilities and process automation.

  • Insurance Apps

    We help build FinTech insurance applications that simultaneously work for customers, vendors and administrators. By building cross-platform integrated functionalities, we develop robust fintech app solutions.

  • Cryptocurrency Apps

    Experience a multi-platform, multi-currency exchange app with e-wallets developed by the best industry experts. Create a secure user trading platform and automate operations with blockchain technology and AI.


  • Digital Payment & Ewallet Apps

    We help you create a hack-proof digital payment platform developed by dedicated expert developers who use the latest technologies. Transfer money using e-Payment systems, debit/credit cards, NFC or mobile wallets.

  • Online Banking

    Our cutting-edge fintech app development services are invested heavily in building and creating a unique online banking experience. Build a rich UX solution with integrated security and various other standard compliances.

  • Trading and Securities

    BEEU Tech’s Trading and Securities Fintech App Solution is extremely driven toward quality and scalability. Build investment applications to help users track, monitor and check their earnings, expenses, portfolio growth and stocks.

  • Hire Fintech Developers

    Hire Fintech App Developers working for you round the clock to develop an app that has all the bells and whistles. Build your own use case.

  • Build Your Own Use Case

    Have a fintech application that’s developed just for you? Simply hit the button below and get our fintech development experts working on your idea.

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With BEEU Tech, you can ensure that your Fintech App Development is secure, scalable and accurate. With pre-vetted Fintech App developers, you get a robust Fintech platform.


Fintech & BEEU Tech: A Transactional Future

  • Mortgage Calculator
  • Initial Offering Mechanisms
  • Automated Advisory Platforms
  • Digital KYC/Identity
  • Mobile Payment
  • Interest Rate Calculator
  • Digital Payment
  • Digital KYC File
  • Claim Systems
  • Push Notifications
  • API Integrations
  • Cryptocurrency Operations
  • Smart Contracts
  • ICO Launch Support
  • Bitcoin EWallets
  • Blockchain Security
  • Identity Management
  • In-app Currency
  • Digital Payments
  • Digital Identity
  • P2P Payments
  • Digital Money Transfer
  • Online Banking System
  • Integration
  • Online Banking Security
  • Custom Online Banking Platforms
  • Online Banking UI/UX
  • Online Banking Mobile Apps
  • Securities Trading
  • Digital Brokerage
  • Blockchain Ledgers
  • AI and Automation

  • Voice Recognition
  • 128 Bit SSL Encryption
  • Mobile Payments
  • P2P Platforms
  • AI Biometric
  • Blockchain
  • RPA
  • AI
  • Cloud Integration
  • Chatbot
  • Open Banking API Integration
  • Data & Analytics

  • Loan Lending Mobile App Development
  • Custom Fintech App Development
  • Digital Banking App Development
  • Personal Finance Mobile App Development
  • Investment App Development
  • Tax Filing And Management App Development
  • Payment Processing App Development
  • Insurance Mobile App Development/Insurtech

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