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Hire Java Developers In India Within 72 Hours

Say ‘Goodbye’ to freelance java developers!  It’s time to say ‘Yes’ to hiring dedicated java developers! Save up to 40% of your development costs when you hire from us! If you are looking to hire Java developers in India with proven experience and full-time availability, then BEEU Tech is the right Java development company for you. 

Our expert java coders work as dedicated resources for you with a full-time engagement. All our software developer resources are available to join in 72 hours. Get Java resources with rich experience in Design Patterns and Service-Oriented Architectural Principles, Data structures, and Algorithms with expertise in frameworks Spring/Hibernate along with SQL, Unix, etc.

Our expert Java resources have been helping leading companies across industries with their projects by providing quality development services with

  • Timely Execution.
  • Quality Driven Agile Workflows.
  • Mobility & Scalability.
  • Massive Cost Savings and more!

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When you hire dedicated developers in Java from us, you get a development team of resources readily available for your projects on a full-time basis to ensure continuous deployment.


  • 72 Hours Guaranteed Hiring Time
  • No Cost Replacement Policy
  • Contractual Remote Hiring/NDAs
  • Pay Only After Measurable Work
  • Account Managers For Smooth Flow
  • Optimization & Administrative Freedom
  • Manually Vetted Developers
  • Cost & Performance Optimization

All our resources come with a 2-weeks risk-free trial period. We allow this free trial period so that you can evaluate the code quality, communication, on-time delivery, etc of the hired resource. If you are satisfied, then you can continue with the engagement. In the event you are not satisfied,  you can change resources at no extra cost.


Every resource hired from us comes with full-time availability. That means 8 Hours X 5 Days or 40 Hours a Week.

Yes, there are retention measures that include preventing burnout and ensuring a smooth flow of communication. We make sure that our developers and clients feel comfortable with the workflow. Our Key Account Managers are crucial in keeping the performance to optimum levels and ensuring resource retention.

There are no freelance Java developers when you hire java programmers from us. Our resources are entirely dedicated to you and your projects. However, all our developers work remotely with full-time engagement, i.e. 40 Hours a week.

We have a guaranteed joining period of 72 Hours. As soon as you send us your enquiry, we will start with understanding your requirements. Once we do that, we will send you resources to interview remotely. You may simply select and start work. All of this 'hiring and onboarding' happens in 72 hours. 

The most significant benefit of hiring from us is that your project will not suffer. Further, there is no extra cost for replacement. We readily replace developers without any additional charges. You may even change developers without replacement costs. 

Over 16% of organisations operate in the fully remote work model. The remote model existed even before the pandemic. We have been helping organisations hire developers remotely since 2018. Since the Pandemic forced a huge chunk of the IT Industry to go remote, organisations have found that more work was getting done.

You can choose from our multiple models of engagement. From hourly billing to monthly billing, we have it all. Simply select the best option according to your budget. When you hire developers from us, you always Pay After Work.

Our SLA or Service Level Agreements are built so that you can increase and decrease your team size per your needs. Additionally, you can monitor performance metrics and hit your critical goals through the SLA for the overall project.

All our resources are remote, and thus they are up to date with Project Management Platforms like Jira or Asana. You may use Slack, Skype, Call and Emails to keep communication open. Our key account managers are always there for any support you need. 

Your Key Account Manager ensures communication between you and the resource. Moreover, you can communicate any issues to your Key Account Manager. Our account managers are also responsible for resource retention, management and billing. 

Our Java programmer teams consist of:-

  • 1-3 years (Consultants)
  • 4-7 years (Lead Consultants) 
  • 8+ years (Solution Architects).

Led by Solution Architects, our Java Coder Teams can take on your project entirely till completion.

You can start interviewing candidates in as little as 1 hour from first contact. Interview developers who are ready to join full-time and choose the best candidates. There are no limits to the number of candidates you can interview. Our focus is on finding the right fit for your projects.

When you are looking to hire java programmers, you should look at the core competencies the candidate holds. Knowledge of frameworks is essential. Moreover, the candidate should understand how their code interacts with other frameworks. 

Either way, it’s nearly impossible to gauge the level of knowledge when you hire developers. This is why we only provide you with a pre-vetted talent base!

Our first step manually verifies every detail about the candidate. From references to identification, we cover it all. The next step is to take skill tests and personal interviews. 

The topics include technical skill tests, aptitude tests and communication skills. Only then we proceed with adding them to the talent pool. 

Java Developers are coders who can code in Java. By coding in Java, we mean everything from from java web development to writing, building, testing and deploying web/mobile applications. Java has been around since 1995. Java is one of the oldest programming languages worldwide and has recently celebrated 25 Years of existence!

Java is an extremely flexible language in which you can code and develop:

  • Web Applications,
  • Mobile Apps,
  • Single -Page Applications, and more.

You can hire java programmers from various job portals and boards like LinkedIn, Monster, and Upwork. However, these processes take an abundant amount of time and resources. The better alternative is hiring java developers from India within 72 Hours remotely. The clear advantages are: Lower Costs & Greater Control! 

Yes, there is a 2 Weeks Risk-Free Trial Period for all developers you hire from us. You can change candidates and the engagement model or even cancel the process if you are not comfortable with the development process. 

You can hire developers from us for the latest technologies and programming languages like Python, ReactJs, and Angular, as well as full-stack development and DevOps.


Tell us your requirement

Fill in your details on the form. Or you can call or write to us. The next step is to set up a Virtual Meeting on Skype or a meet up to assess your requirements and needs. 

Interview our developers

After understanding your needs, we will provide you with a range of vetted candidates from our team to join your project. You'll be able to check the experience of the candidate while interviewing them.

Pick Developers, Set Project Terms and Timelines.

At this stage, you simply choose candidates and decide on the terms & timelines of the project. You can hire a java developer or build a dedicated team of java developers!

Get Started!

We start the project once all terms & conditions are agreed upon. You will have a key account manager assigned to you. The goal is to make you feel comfortable and achieve optimal flow.