Robotic Process Automation or RPA is a process of automating the tasks or processes with the help of software robots to reduce human intervention. RPA replaces humans with these software robots where tasks are repetitive, time-consuming, and prone to errors which leads to employee dissatisfaction. These software robots can reduce the cost significantly when compared to human operators and are very efficient with great learning capabilities.

No wonder interest in RPA is growing so fast. With RPA companies can

  • reduce cost by 30-200% by automating tasks
  • improve customer satisfaction by reducing error and increase speed of customer facing processes
  • improve internal processes, have better ability to manage governance, can improve security and increase productivity.

One of the most important benefits of using a software robot is that it doesn’t need you to replace your existing IT systems.

BEEU Tech has a dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE) for RPA (Robotic Process Automation). Our RPA team is made up of an experienced team of architects, business analysts, and RPA developers. We are one of the few RPA services and implementation companies that believe in providing Realtime Proof of Concepts (PoCs) so that we can see how a small-scale robot can transform the organization and expand the horizon of automation.

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Introduction to understand the unlimited capabilities and benefits of RPA.

  • Manufacturing – automatic generation of bills.
  • Healthcare – system reconciliation, creation of patient and service reports.
  • Insurance – the processing of customer claims and new accounts.
  • Finances & Accounting – Processing of special accounting tasks such as invoices, bills, general ledgers, and all other bookkeeping processes.
  • Customer Care Center – improving customer service experience and gathering service data.
  • Procurement – the processing of forms to issue a purchase order, invoice procession.
  • Human Resources – hiring, payroll processing, employee data management.
  • Telecom – managing service orders and reporting.
  • IT Access Management – unlocking accounts and resetting of password credentials.
  • IT Systems Administration – automating of daily repetitive IT tasks.
  • Energy – setting new accounts, meter reading, and validation

Additional Services

Learn from the experts and explore the robot creation world. Start getting your hands dirty with the RPA tools & make your first robot.

We have highly experienced RPA Consultants, CoE Leads, Architects, Developers, Trainers, Operations Managers and Release Managers to get organizations started in no-time.

Our approach is to first see the results of PoC and Process Discovery. After assessing the real value creation and ROI, proceed with Digital Transformation.

Get your staff trained on RPA development, deployment and support. Skill them from world-class trainers to follow the industry best practices for ease of automation.

  • Enterprise Platform - Architect an enterprise level secured and robust RPA Platform to get ready for the robotic world.
  • Center of Excellence setup – Creation of CoE within organization for RPA governance, roles and responsibilities and future roadmap.
  • Support and Maintenance setup – Formation of the Support and maintenance team with key roles for system & operation management.

RPA Lifecycle


  • Vision & Conceptualization
  • Re-engineering & Solutioning


  • Agile-based development
  • SIT, QA & UAT
  • Deployment


  • Process Monitoring
  • Performance Monitoring


  • ROI Simulation vs Reality
  • Short-term vs Long-term savings