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What Makes Web App Development?

Disrupt. Innovate. Stand Out. If that isn’t clear, web app development is about building web pages that convert like crazy and act like mobile apps.

Essentially, you can have an entire website that loads in milliseconds and lets the user take a deep dive. If that isn’t enticing enough, let’s talk stats!

  • 175 Websites
    Created Every Minute


  • 50 Billion Webpages
    On The Internet


  • 6.4 Billion
    Smartphone Users Over The World
Types of Web App Development Services We Provide.

PWA Development

Already have a website? Build serverless progressive web applications focused on providing your users with the best user experience. Our experienced web app developers are ready to take on your project.

Web Application Development Tools We Use


Web App Development Front-End Languages



Back-End Languages


Building Gamechangers. Doing It For You.

SPA Development

If you doubt the effectiveness of web apps, try out a Single Page Application, and see what web apps can do for your brand. Enhance your website with the best web app development services. Build great solutions at half the cost.


Cloud databases, Warehouses & Storage Tech


  • AWS
  • GCP
  • Azure


Databases / data storages


  • SQL
  • Postgre SQL
  • Mongo DB
  • Oracle
Agile, Smart, Driven

eCommerce PWA Development

Have an eCommerce website? Develop an eCommerce PWA and unleash the power of web apps with instant pages and scalable architecture. Deliver unique and secure buying experiences to your customers.


Web App Development Frameworks


  • Ruby on Rails
  • Django
  • jQuery
  • Laravel


Web App Development Tools


  • Ionic
  • Polymer
  • Magento PWA Studio
Integrated Web App Development

Web Portal Development

Want your customers to get your services on any device? Build a web application with BEEU Tech’s website application services. Get the best developer teams and dedicated support round the clock.


Applications of Web Applications We Build


  • eCommerce
  • PWA
  • SPA
  • ERP
  • Billing
  • Data analytics
  • HR
  • Project Management
  • Auction & Bidding
  • Healthcare
  • LMS
Connected & Customizable

Custom Web Application Development With API Integration

Want a custom-built web app development project? Then our custom web application development services will help you create a web application from scratch. We custom-build your product concepts and chart out roadmaps.


Welcome Your Customers With Speed
Our Web Application Development Process


  • Planning The Web App Development Project
  • UI & UX Design
  • Web App Development & Deployment Testing & QA Deployment
  • Support & Optimization

Why Choose BEEU Tech As Your Web App Development Company?

BEEU Tech is your fastest way to develop web applications! Welcome integrated development with:

  • Fully Scalable Development.
  • 100% Secure  Development.
  • 500+  Dedicated Developers.
  • Integrated Agile Development.
  • Complete Control On Recruitment.
  • Integrated Team Models.
  • Fastest Go-To-Market Time.
  • 24×7 Surround Support.


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Get experts working for you to develop your custom use case of web apps.

BEEU Tech's Capabilities In Web App Development

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Frequently Asked Questions

With BEEU Tech, you can ensure that your web app development is secure, scalable and accurate. With pre-vetted web app developers, you get a robust web app platform.

BEEU Tech’s web app development service provides maximum customer satisfaction. We follow a strict agile methodology to ensure continuous development and integration to achieve that goal.

Yes, we provide after-launch support for your web application designed by BEEU Tech.

We integrate any third-party software APIs with our custom web app development solution.

Yes, all our web applications are built to work across devices and are thus, responsive by nature.

We sign NDAs with our web app developers and teams to ensure zero data leaks. Furthermore, your information is safe when it comes to BEEU Tech.

Yes, our web app development services include website audits and performance optimisation.

Our web app solutions do not come with digital marketing services by default. However, you can add the digital marketing service to the web app development service.

Yes, we can integrate third-party APIs with your web app under development.

Yes, we provide training in our after-launch support and provide support post-launch.

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