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Streamline Your Time To Market At 40% Lower Costs

Looking to scale up your hiring for DevOps while saving up to 60% of your time and costs? Hire DevOps engineers from India on a dedicated full-time basis with a 2 weeks Risk-Free Trial. BEEU Tech’s dedicated DevOps engineers, developers and specialists work for you remotely to ensure continuous development and continuous delivery. At BEEU Tech, we have a talent pool of skilled, dedicated DevOps developers who are ready to join in 72 Hours.

Enhance your development and operational capabilities by choosing BEEU Tech, India’s best DevOps Consulting firm. Bring your hiring out of the traditional hiring model and hire software engineers without sourcing a single candidate.

When you hire DevOps engineers in India from us, you get dedicated DevOps specialists with rich experience in–

  • Project Management.
  • Supervising Junior Developers.
  • Developing Software & Configuring Systems For Cloud Computing, Automation Engineering, and more
  • Performing Diagnostic Tests Across All Stages Of Development.
  • Forecast Project Duration And Cost.
  • Advanced Knowledge Of Tech Stacks Like
    • Python + Java. 
    • MERN Stack.
    • AWS, GCP, Azure.
    • MEAN Stack & More.
  • Cyber Security Knowledge.

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Our DevOps Resources are available for your projects to ensure end-to-end design, development, testing and deployment of entire projects. BEEU Tech’s DevOps developers work round the clock on Agile Life Cycles to provide continuous integration and deployment.


  • Performance Optimization
  • Administrative Freedom
  • Qualified Developers
  • Agile Development
  • Cost Optimization

All our resources come with a compulsory 2-Weeks of risk-free trial. We have designed this free trial period so that you can evaluate the code quality, communication, on-time delivery, etc., of the chosen resource. 

Once satisfied,  you can continue with the engagement. Or, if not,  you are free to cancel the engagement.


All of BEEU Tech’s developer resources hired from us comes with a full-time availability of 40 Hours a Week. However, you can choose custom timings for your resource.

At BEEU Tech, we are ‘GAGA’ over responsibility and mental health. We ensure that you don’t have to bear replacement costs. From ensuring clear communication to preventing burnout, we keep the workflow unhindered. Our Key Account Managers are also dedicated to you in keeping performance and resource retention in check.

There are no freelance DevOps developers when you hire DevOps developers from us. Our resources are entirely dedicated to you and your projects. However, all our software developers work fully remotely on a full-time basis.

We have a guaranteed joining period of 72 Hours. As soon as you send us your enquiry, we will start with understanding your requirements. Once we do that, we will send you resources to interview remotely. You may simply select and start work. All of this happens in 72 Hours. 

The greatest benefit of hiring from us is that your project will not be hindered due to a lack of resources. There is no extra cost for replacement when you hire from BEEU Tech. We readily replace developers without any additional costs. You may even change developers without replacement costs if you aren’t satisfied with your resource.

You can choose from our multiple models of engagement. From hourly billing to monthly billing, we have it all. Simply choose the best option according to your budget. When you hire developers from us, you always Pay After Work.

Our SLA or Service Level Agreements are built so that you can increase and decrease your team size per your needs. Additionally, you can monitor performance metrics and hit your key goals through the SLA for the overall project.

All our resources are remote, and thus they are up to date with Project Management Platforms like Jira or Asana. You may use Slack, Skype, Calls and Emails to keep communication open. Our key account managers are always there for all your support. 

Your Key Account Manager ensures communication between you and the resource. Moreover, you can communicate all issues to your Key Account Manager. Our account managers are also responsible for resource retention, management and billing. 

We are BEEU Infotech Pvt. Ltd., an IT Services Firm and DevOps Consulting Company in India. Our services include AI and Blockchain Development, Data Science, ERP, Warehouse Management and DevOps Hiring. Our goal is to close the gap between talent and the industry. Our dedicated DevOps Engineers have been helping over 250+ companies worldwide with their projects.

Our first step manually verifies every detail about the candidate. From references to identification, we cover it all. The next step is to take skill tests and personal interviews. 

The topics include technical skill tests, aptitude tests and communication skills. Only then we proceed with adding them to the talent pool. 

You can start interviewing candidates in as little as 1 hour from first contact. Interview developers ready to join full-time and choose the best candidates. There are no limits to the number of candidates you can interview. Our focus is on finding the right fit for your projects.

There isn’t a refund policy, but a Weeks Risk-Free Trial Period exists for all developers you hire from us. You can change candidates and change the engagement model or even cancel the process if you are not comfortable with the development process. 

You can hire developers from us for technologies like Java, Angular, Python, ReactJS, and methodologies like Full-stack development. 


Tell us your requirement

Fill in the form, write to us or call us. We'd be happy to arrange a Skype or a meeting to understand your requirements and needs.

Interview our developers

After understanding your needs we will provide you with some perfect candidates from our team to join your project. You'll be able to check their experience and interview them.

Pick Developers, Set Project Terms and Timelines.

At this stage, you simply choose your perfect candidates and decide on the terms & timelines of the project. You can hire a single developer a dedicated team.

Get Started!

When we all agree on terms & conditions we can start the project. We will assign an account manager to you in order to make you feel comfortable with the whole process.