Invoice Optical Character Recognition

The client is a major player in accounting software and supports its customers with invoice processing, accounting, and .Read More

AI-Based Black Spot Detection From Image

An AI tool has been developed to detect the presence of garbage, cluttered drain, unclean public toilets (known as black spots).Read More

Retail Checkout Automation

This product development consists of features that enable an automatic checkout (ACO) at the POS counter with minimal human .Read More

Automotive, Resale Price Prediction

The company situated in the US, primarily into Bike and ATV resale retail + wholesale business recently diversified into car retail resale business .Read More

CPG, Trade Promotion

Major CPG goods manufacturer in the UK wants to know the effectiveness of a certain kind of trade promotion (on the shelf, a display coupled with discounts, .Read More

Retail, Forecasting

One of the biggest electronics retailers in Dubai operates 30+ stores and offers 15000+ different SKUs at competitive prices. The client prepares .Read More.

AI based Calorie Monitoring/Daily Activity Syndrome

The clients were prestigious, and they had experience in sports gear manufacturing and smartwatches for over a decade. They had been using the advanced rule.Read More

ASR- Automatic Speech Recognition

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) has one of the main goals to allow oral communication between humans and electronic devices (computers, mobile, etc.) i.e. consist.Read More

Multi Camera People Tracking

Popular university in the UK with a campus spread across 300 acres, offering 25+ Programs in Graduation and Post.…Read More

Image Categorization: E-Commerce India

Indian fashion E-Commerce giant wants to use Machine Learning for competitive advantage by understanding competitor catalog and take decisions on pricing .Read More

Retail, Shelf Space Optimization

Company in India which has exclusive rights to market and sell premium European brand of stockings and sportswear. The company places 150+ turner.Read More

Airline, MRO Inventory Optimization

Singapore based MRO company wants to rationalize the inventory of Spare parts to minimize overstocking carrying cost, CAPEX cost, and penalties due to .Read More

Aviation, Parts Pricing

The client is among the largest distributors of aircraft parts in the US. Wants an intelligent pricing model for its quotations process. There is no background data available about .Read More

Implement FIFO for 3PL

Leading Indian 3PL company manages organic perishable goods warehousing and mid-mile distribution. The client handles One Lakh SqFt of warehousing space and average daily .Read More

Process Mining and Dashboarding for Transport & Logistics

E-Commerce leader in India handles three million-plus shipments per day across its complex Supply Chain network of First Mile, Forwarding Centers, and List Mile .Read More


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